On Set with the Cast and Crew of Sorta My Thing

Sorta My Thing follows 8 women in search of the one thing that empowers them when nothing else seems to work.

Each week focuses on a different person, including an up-and-coming erotica writer, a reluctant godmother, and a customer service agent with a dark side.

Production wrapped this weekend! The series premieres on the web this June.

2015-05-09 10.11.08
Kate McDaniel / Sexy Janitor (E01)
2015-05-07 20.26.54
Stephanie Carrie and Davidson Vorhes review Glazed Over (E02)
2015-05-09 14.31.13 HDR-1
Joanna Castle Miller / Godmother (E05)
Melissa Rojas / Have To (E06)
2015-05-09 17.46.29
DeWanda Wise and Joanna Castle Miller / Moving Day (E04)
Stephanie Carrie, Davidson Vorhes, Amanda Pajer, and Zehra Fazal / Bride’s Side (E07)
Director Stephanie Carrie and DP Davidson Vorhes
Jenny Wu / Great Story (E03)
Stephanie Carrie and Davidson Vorhes

Announcing “Sorta My Thing” – a New Web Series Coming Soon!

Wait Don’t Leave is excited to announce the cast and crew for Sorta My Thing – a web series by Joanna Castle Miller to be released June 2015.

Sorta My Thing follows 8 women in search of something empowering in their lives. Each week focuses on a different person, including an up-and-coming erotica writer, a reluctant godmother, and a customer service agent with a dark side.

The series is directed by Stephanie Carrie, whose recent work includes Justboobs Sketch and LA Blocks. Davidson Vorhes is Director of Photography.

The cast includes Kate McDaniel, Stephanie Carrie, Melissa Rojas, Jenny Wu, DeWanda Wise, Zehra Fazal, and Amanda Pajer.

More information to come!

Production Consulting for Theater, Film, and TV

Producing Consultant - This is NothingIf you’re interested in producing (or being produced) for theater, film, TV, or new media, I encourage you to check out my consulting services, available here.

This new business venture is unaffiliated with Wait Don’t Leave, but it came about in part because people reached out here with broad questions about getting their projects produced.

In response, I’m helping individuals and businesses navigate some of the most important steps to producing, like:

  • Script Development
  • Budgeting
  • Audience Engagement
  • Logistics
  • Marketing/PR
  • and more

Contact me via my personal site to talk more about the project you’d like to develop.

(Or you could just see Dustin Hoffman’s character Stanley Motss in Wag the Dog.)

Have a Little Priest

We had a great time at the Sweeney Todd viewing party on Sunday 9/28. About 50 of us gathered to eat pie, drink Sweeney Toddys and watch Emma Thompson and Bryn Terfel perform with the NY Philharmonic.

I still have lovely roses and leftover bourbon from the event. So let me know if you want to have a drink and talk shop.

Congrats to Colleen Moore, whose spinach pie won her a decanter and a month’s Lite Membership to Canvas Co/Work.

Thanks to Harold Godsoe for the photography!


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Sweeney Todd Viewing Party

Sweeney Todd NYPhil Emma Thompson Bryn TerfelLast spring Wait Don’t Leave producer Joanna Castle Miller was assistant producer for the New York Philharmonic’s production of Sweeney Todd. Now it’s airing on PBS as part of Live from Lincoln Center!

If you’re outside of DC, check your local listings. The show will air across the country on Friday, 9/26/14.

But if you’re in DC, why not make a night of it?

On Sunday, 9/28, come party and enjoy the show with meat pies, sweet pies, and a Sweeney Toddy bar, hosted by Wait Don’t Leave Productions.

Contact Joanna to request an invite.

On the Screen:

Sondheim’s classic comedic horror musical about a barber-turned-serial-killer and a woman who makes meat pies out of his victims.

Emma Thompson (yes, THAT Emma Thompson)
Bryn Terfel (int’l opera star)
Audra McDonald (record 6-time Tony winner)
Philip Quast (Javert in 10th Anniversary Les Miz)
Christian Borle (Smash on NBC)

In Your Cup:

BYOB, and enjoy a Sweeney Toddy bar just in time for fall.

On Your Plate:

Hand pies (empanadas)

*Contest details: Bring a pie (you can enter as many as you want). Pies must arrive by 5:30pm to be eligible. A panel of judges will vote for the best pie. Everyone who enters gets a prize. The grand prize winner gets a 1-month Lite Membership to Canvas CoWork for themselves or a friend, a whiskey decanter from the event, and bragging rights.

Latest Work: CURB

This summer I partnered with The Duke and the Duck to produce two commercials for Taxi Magic as part of its rebrand to become Curb.

Curb is an app that connects you to rides from professional drivers, including area cabs. You can download it for iPhone or Android to request your ride, track your driver’s arrival, and pay your fare seamlessly.

Curb officially launched last Wednesday, featuring our ads! Check out the two commercials below:

Wait Don’t Leave at Kennedy Center

I had a blast on Sunday introducing Wait Don’t Leave to the playwrights and theater professionals at Playwrights: Taking Control of Our Own Fates.

A huge thanks to the Dramatists Guild folks for putting it together – including Brent Englar and Noelle Viñas – and especially to Gwydion Suilebhan for all his hard work advocating for DC-area playwrights.

Thanks also to @clawritesplays for this photo of the Local Initiatives panel! Other panelists included Renee Calarco (moderator) and Caleen Sinnette Jennings of The Welders, Danielle Mohlman of Field Trip Theatre, and Pooja Chawla of Fortune Cookie Collective.

The whole ordeal felt like presenting a new baby to the congregation. I respect my fellow local playwrights so much, and it was so inspiring to learn from their ideas and experience.

Here’s to many more events like it!