We had a great time at the Sweeney Todd viewing party on Sunday 9/28. About 50 of us gathered to eat pie, drink Sweeney Toddys and watch Emma Thompson and Bryn Terfel perform with the NY Philharmonic.

I still have lovely roses and leftover bourbon from the event. So let me know if you want to have a drink and talk shop.

Congrats to Colleen Moore, whose spinach pie won her a decanter and a month’s Lite Membership to Canvas Co/Work.

Thanks to Harold Godsoe for the photography!


20140928-WashingtonB088.HG.874620140928-WashingtonB075.HG.873320140928-WashingtonB080.HG.8738 20140928-WashingtonB068.HG.8726 20140928-WashingtonB062.HG.8720 20140928-WashingtonB060.HG.8718 20140928-WashingtonB054.HG.8712 20140928-WashingtonB048.HG.8706 20140928-WashingtonB008.HG.8666


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