Wait Don’t Leave is a production company dedicated to art and entertainment that strengthens our culture’s historical memory. We engage artists and audiences in addressing the way some of our most critical stories have been misremembered, appropriated, and omitted. Our commitment to under-served artists helps ensure the next generation of storytellers feels supported to tell their own history. And our focus on audience engagement will have you feeling right at home.


We refuse to accept a world in which great stories only belong to an elite group of gatekeepers. We believe the best stories come from a place of truth and authenticity. To that end, we gather diverse, representative teams to tell their own stories, and we give special preference to marginalized artists with enormous promise who just need the right home. We’re committed to reaching audiences that might not believe the arts belong to them.


If you want to tell your own history or your community’s history in a new way, if you want a creative place to call home, or if you’ve ever felt like the arts community belongs to everyone but you, you’ve come to the right place. Come on in and stay for a while.