On Set with the Cast and Crew of Sorta My Thing


Sorta My Thing follows 8 women in search of the one thing that empowers them when nothing else seems to work.

Each week focuses on a different person, including an up-and-coming erotica writer, a reluctant godmother, and a customer service agent with a dark side.

Production wrapped this weekend! The series premieres on the web this June.

2015-05-09 10.11.08

Kate McDaniel / Sexy Janitor (E01)

2015-05-07 20.26.54

Stephanie Carrie and Davidson Vorhes review Glazed Over (E02)

2015-05-09 14.31.13 HDR-1

Joanna Castle Miller / Godmother (E05)


Melissa Rojas / Have To (E06)

2015-05-09 17.46.29

DeWanda Wise and Joanna Castle Miller / Moving Day (E04)


Stephanie Carrie, Davidson Vorhes, Amanda Pajer, and Zehra Fazal / Bride’s Side (E07)


Director Stephanie Carrie and DP Davidson Vorhes


Jenny Wu / Great Story (E03)


Stephanie Carrie and Davidson Vorhes


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