Production Consulting for Theater, Film, and TV

Producing Consultant - This is NothingIf you’re interested in producing (or being produced) for theater, film, TV, or new media, I encourage you to check out my consulting services, available here.

This new business venture is unaffiliated with Wait Don’t Leave, but it came about in part because people reached out here with broad questions about getting their projects produced.

In response, I’m helping individuals and businesses navigate some of the most important steps to producing, like:

  • Script Development
  • Budgeting
  • Audience Engagement
  • Logistics
  • Marketing/PR
  • and more

Contact me via my personal site to talk more about the project you’d like to develop.

(Or you could just see Dustin Hoffman’s character Stanley Motss in Wag the Dog.)

Have a Little Priest

We had a great time at the Sweeney Todd viewing party on Sunday 9/28. About 50 of us gathered to eat pie, drink Sweeney Toddys and watch Emma Thompson and Bryn Terfel perform with the NY Philharmonic.

I still have lovely roses and leftover bourbon from the event. So let me know if you want to have a drink and talk shop.

Congrats to Colleen Moore, whose spinach pie won her a decanter and a month’s Lite Membership to Canvas Co/Work.

Thanks to Harold Godsoe for the photography!


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Latest Work: CURB

This summer I partnered with The Duke and the Duck to produce two commercials for Taxi Magic as part of its rebrand to become Curb.

Curb is an app that connects you to rides from professional drivers, including area cabs. You can download it for iPhone or Android to request your ride, track your driver’s arrival, and pay your fare seamlessly.

Curb officially launched last Wednesday, featuring our ads! Check out the two commercials below: