Wait Don’t Leave’s sketches have been featured on Funny or Die, Comedy Cake, and WhoHaha and have appeared in news coverage including The Advocate, Fortune, and The Daily Dot.

Here’s a sample of some of our recent material:

Written and Directed by Joanna Castle Miller
Director of Photography Ashleigh Stanczak
Starring Molly Kunz, Colton Iverson, and Erin Brownett
Featured on Funny or Die, WhoHaha


All I Want for Christmas (Are Faithless Electors)
Directed by Ashleigh Stanczak
Written by and Featuring Joanna Castle Miller
Featured on Funny or Die, WhoHaha, The Advocate


Sorta My Thing Episode 1: “Sexy Janitor”
Directed by Stephanie Carrie
Written by Joanna Castle Miller
Starring Kate McDaniel
Featured on Funny or Die, ComedyCake

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