Sketch Comedy

Wait Don’t Leave’s sketches have been featured on Funny or Die, Comedy Cake, and WhoHaha and have appeared in news coverage including The Advocate, Fortune, and The Daily Dot.

Here’s a sample of some of our recent material:

Written and Directed by Joanna Castle Miller
Director of Photography Ashleigh Stanczak
Starring Molly Kunz, Colton Iverson, and Erin Brownett
Featured on Funny or Die, WhoHaha


All I Want for Christmas (Are Faithless Electors)
Directed by Ashleigh Stanczak
Written by and Featuring Joanna Castle Miller
Featured on Funny or Die, WhoHaha, The Advocate


Sorta My Thing Episode 1: “Sexy Janitor”
Directed by Stephanie Carrie
Written by Joanna Castle Miller
Starring Kate McDaniel
Featured on Funny or Die, ComedyCake