Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 12.34.12 PMA diverse range of filmmaking talent.

As a collaborative group, Wait Don’t Leave loves to build community through film, television, and digital projects. Our talented team brings together directors, producers, writers, editors, and more for film and television projects that run the gamut.

Whether heady dramas or goofy comedies, at their heart, our diverse projects have a strong point of view, focus thoughtfully on the audience, and point to a better world.

Ideas from start to finish.

We’ve spent countless hours in development offices working on the very first outlines of shows still on the air today, and we’ve completed post-production for projects just before they release. We know what it takes at each stage to develop a great idea into a visually stunning product that says something worth hearing.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 12.45.29 PMCollaborative vision.

Our team loves to partner with other artists, productions companies, and media organizations. We look for projects that know their audience, speak to current social issues, and show a unique or under-represented point of view.

For more information on how we might partner with your efforts, contact us today.



Below are just a few of the companies that have featured our team’s work:

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